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Zero 13




Sizing 64☐11‐145

Our super oversized take on the classic aviator with 100% UV 400 absorbing lenses.

So light you will forget you are even wearing them!

Each frame comes with its own display box containing a cleaning cloth bag, cleaning cloth and the finest Italian leather crafted in to a sunglasses case by a family atelier in Spain.

Zero 13 Colours


Platinum with Baby Blue Mirror Lenses, Platinum with Grad Blue Lenses, Platinum with Dark Green Mirror Lenses, Platinum with Baby Pink Mirror Lenses, Platinum with Champagne Mirror Lenses, Yellow Gold with Brown Gold, Yellow Gold with Dark Green Lenses, Yellow Gold with Violet Mirror Lenses, Yellow Gold with Dark Blue Mirror Lenses, Yellow Mirror with Grad Magenta Lenses, Yellow Gold with Grad Brown Lenses