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Zero 01 / Yellow Gold / Large Fit



Components: Five layered hinges for durability and strength.
Lenses: Zeiss lenses in Ultra Grey, Ultra Brown and Skylet Green.
Construction material: Nickel Silver or Alpaca as it is also known, used in the production of jewellery.
Colour and finish: Plated with three microns of either 24k Gold – Yellow Gold, 14k Gold – White Gold, Rose Gold or Platinum.
Design: The most difficult part of designing these frames was satisfying the desire to make something very minimal and yet very elegant.
Comfort and fit: With metal pad arms and silicon pads this frame can be adjusted to fit many faces. This adjustability is one of the strong elements of metal frames in general.
Manufacture: Made by hand in the mountains of Italy. Case made by hand in a small town in Spain.


Price: £575.00